About us

A few words from our Commodore: 

The Breakfast Creek Boat Club (BCBC) is a revival of a club of the same name that had been in existence for more than 60 years and exists today through the generosity of those original founding members. With over 100 years of boat building and working boat history, Breakfast Creek has always held a special place in Brisbane's maritime heart.

There are not many more pleasing sights than seeing the flotilla of boats old and new, leaving the creek for a river day trip or perhaps a week's adventure in our stunning Moreton Bay. Our yearly calendar of organised events is full of diverse ways to enjoy your boat and surrounds.

While our membership tends to be centred around older wooden or classic boats, it is by no means restricted to those, and we welcome people with all styles of boats, motor or sail; we simply need an interest in “boating” to qualify for membership of the club.

In our little hidden pocket of Brisbane, our meetings, including a BBQ and a few drinks and are held approximately every 6 weeks.  We discuss upcoming events, mix with people with like interests and we generally have a guest speaker to tell stories of their life amongst boats. These meetings are held “under the mango tree” in conjunction with our highly acclaimed boat-builder Simon Paroz and with the generosity of the boat-yard owner and Patron, Mr Terry Holmes.

Thank you for your interest in the Breakfast creek Boat Club (BCBC)

Ross Jordin Commodore BCBC